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Jason Aaronson

COO/Executive Director

Jason Aaronson is a Certified Alcohol and Drug Treatment Counselor (CATC- IV) and a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (LMFT) specializing in trauma, substance use related afflictions, mood and anxiety disorders. He obtained both his undergraduate and Master’s degrees at Antioch University, Los Angeles. He carries vast knowledge and extensive experience in most clinical, operational, administrative, billing/insurance aspects of care.

Jason has collaborated with numerous reputable, well-established dual diagnosis treatment programs over the past 15 years.Within these programs, Jason has developed an in-depth history facilitating family, couples, individual and group therapeutic sessions. Jason is well versed in JCAHO and DHCS compliance measures; developing, writing and implementing policies and procedures. He’s also acquired consistent experience advocating for the necessity of various forms of treatment and levels of care on behalf of clients through meticulously written medical and clinical biographies and utilization reviews.

Although, he thoroughly enjoys the administrative aspects of co-morbid treatment, imperative to ethically and efficiently providing a high-quality standard of care, Jason’s true passion comes in the form of one-on-one interactions with clients and their loved ones. Jason can relate to clients and their families from a very personal lens as he too has overcome great adversity, obstacles and challenges spanning over the entire course of his life. Jason prides himself on unwavering honesty, integrity, core values, and incredibly strong work ethic; often absent in direct client/patient care industries. Jason consistently demonstrates a willingness to learn and grow, always yearning to challenge himself. With the highest ethical standards and client needs always the unequivocal priority, Jason’s career is currently focused on creating and launching niche, state of the art mental health treatment programs from the ground up.