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Andre Smith


I was introduced to recovery in 2003 after struggling for many years with my own substance use disorder. I have remained drug and alcohol free and have nurtured my recovery since that time.

I have worked in the field of recovery since 2011 in multiple capacities. I have been successful in being
able to connect with people from all walks of life. Many of the clients I have worked with were, in the beginning, unwilling to consider walking the path of sobriety. Many of my clients have gone on to maintain their own sobriety and continue to live free from active addiction. I am familiar with the various legal issues that many alcoholics and addicts may face.

I am very active in my own recovery and in the field of recovery helping others find a new way of living and to create a new story. My team and I are pleased to provide an exceptional recovery solution(s) outpatient, coupled with guidance to individuals afflicted with alcoholism and substance use disorders. At The ARTS, we look for the best ways of supporting those who are suffering, helping them breakthrough to a newer and brighter future; one free from the binds of addiction/alcoholism and filled with hope. We accomplish this through consistent, unwavering guidance and encouragement every step of the way.