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Introduction to Outpatient Addiction Treatment

The National Center for Drug Abuse Statistics (NCDAS) reported that approximately 25% of individuals who use illegal substances are living with a substance use disorder. The most commonly abused substance in the United States is marijuana, followed by cocaine, methamphetamine, ecstasy, and heroin.

Increasing awareness about the prevalence of substance use disorders has been a public health effort for decades. By increasing the public knowledge of addiction, we can reduce associated stigmas and help individuals who are struggling with a drug or alcohol addiction.

There are inpatient and outpatient treatment options for those who struggle with a drug or alcohol addiction. Inpatient treatment options can include detoxification and an inpatient rehab program. Outpatient treatment programs can include a partial hospitalization program (PHP), intensive outpatient program (IOP), dual-diagnosis treatment, and routine outpatient treatment.

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Partial Hospitalization

Our PHP programs offers clients highly individualized care by our clinical staff to begin the recovery process.

Partial Hospitalization

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Intensive Outpatient

Our Intensive Outpatient provides extra care for those who have just begun their sobriety and need extra help.

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Our Outpatient Program is highly effective at teaching skills needed to stay and remain sober.


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Understanding treatment at the arts

Outpatient Treatment for Substance Abuse

Routine outpatient treatment programs differ from other outpatient treatment options. Partial hospitalization programs and intensive outpatient treatment options require longer treatment durations than routine outpatient programs.

Routine outpatient programs are ideal for individuals with a mild substance use disorder and those who have been able to maintain sobriety. Another difference that you will find is that PHP and IOP groups often provide more education about addiction and recovery. In contrast, outpatient groups can focus more on the active use of coping skills and other areas of your life that were impacted during active addiction.

ARTS IOP offers outpatient addiction treatment in San Fernando Valley, California. When we look at addiction, it is important to remember that individuals have different needs at different points in their recovery. Our outpatient treatment options can provide support for individuals who have a solid foundation for their recovery and are actively working towards living their best life. We encourage you to call today to learn more about how ARTS IOP can support you.

Let Us Help You To Begin Your Recovery Journey. At Absolute Recovery Therapeutic Solutions, we believe in caring for the whole individual. We offer customized recovery services for every client and have caring, talented staff.

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What Happens in Outpatient Treatment?

Your experience in outpatient treatment will depend on the treatment programs that are offered and your treatment needs. Typically, outpatient addiction treatment includes a combination of group and individual therapy. If someone needs psychotropic medications to support their recovery or their mental health, they may be able to engage in Medically-Assisted Treatment, also known as MAT.

As research is developing within the field of addiction counseling, we are learning more about how we can best support individuals who are living with a substance use disorder. Many treatment programs have been trying to include specialized treatment groups. These groups allow individuals with a particular background or experience to be in a private group. Examples of this include men groups, women groups, LGBTQ+ community groups, Veterans groups, Professionals groups, first responders’ groups, and young adult groups.

ARTS IOP is an outpatient drug rehab in the San Fernando Valley, California. Our personalized and holistic approach to addiction treatment will allow you to receive support for all the areas of your life that were and are impacted by your addiction and recovery. We will work with you to ensure that your treatment schedule fits your needs and respects your time. To learn more about how our Los Angeles outpatient drug rehab can support you, we encourage you to call today.

Understanding treatment at the arts

Outpatient Rehab in the San Fernando Valley

Outpatient treatment programs can be a great source of support for individuals who are actively working on bettering their lives in their recovery. Outpatient treatment offers you a safe place where you can come for support and encouragement when you talk about your challenges, fears, and triumphs.

Outpatient treatment tends to be easier to fit into your routine because it does not include the long hours that other treatment programs do. This means that you can continue engaging in treatment when you return to work, school, or other responsibilities you have.

Continuing to engage in treatment as you progress in your recovery can be a healthy way to allot time in your schedule to focus on your recovery. This can include mental health treatment for other mental health concerns you may be living with.

If you or a loved one have been searching for a San Fernando Valley outpatient drug rehab, we encourage you to call to learn about ARTS IOP. Our outpatient treatment program offers a variety of treatment options that can be used as a continuous source of support throughout your recovery journey. If you have been living with other mental health concerns such as anxiety, depression, and trauma-related concerns, we can provide you with dual diagnosis treatment.

What We Offer

What Happens in Outpatient Treatment?

When you are looking for an outpatient treatment provider, you should start by looking for a provider who is in-network and local. You will likely be attending treatment several days a week, so it is important to be mindful of the time it would take you to get to the treatment center. Once you have narrowed down your options, you can begin to look at what forms of treatment your options include. Do they offer any specialized treatment programs or unique forms of therapy that you feel would be beneficial? Do they offer Medication-Assisted Treatment? Can they provide you with the appropriate form of mental health treatment that you need? Do they use evidence-based approaches? Do they offer alternative therapies that appeal to you?

The treatment center you choose to attend will have a direct influence on your recovery, so be your own advocate when choosing a treatment provider. You work hard to maintain your sobriety and your time is valuable. Try to find a treatment center that respects your time and provides you with the care, support, and compassion you deserve.

ARTS IOP is an outpatient drug and alcohol rehab in the San Fernando Valley. During your intake appointment, our Licensed Professionals will take time to understand your personal struggles with drugs and alcohol and your goals for recovery. They will work with you to develop an appropriate treatment schedule. Because we have a variety of treatment programs, we can provide you with support as you progress through your recovery. To learn more about how ARTS IOP can support you, we invite you to call today.

Your Insurance Can Pay for Treatment

Insurance Coverage

ARTS IOP is an in-network provider for BlueShield of California, Magellan, HMC, and Com Psych. Contact us today to find out if your insurance will help cover many of the costs associated with treatment at our program.

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If you or a loved one is among the millions of Americans struggling with a substance use disorder, know that there is help for you. Licensed Professionals, like those available at ARTS IOP, spend their time providing support and encouragement to individuals who are ready to stop using drugs and alcohol. Addiction is a chronic and progressive mental health concern that can lead to a variety of mental health and physical health concerns.
By using a holistic approach in our treatment programs, we will work with you to address any mental and physical health concerns you have encountered. Our treatment programs will help you learn the necessary skills for a healthy recovery, including establishing boundaries, effective communication, coping with emotions, and building social support.

If you are ready to take the next step in your recovery journey, we encourage you to call today. Don’t wait until the “perfect time”; too often, we have seen that that time never comes. Allow our outpatient drug rehab in the San Fernando Valley to provide you with the compassion and support you deserve in your recovery.

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