The Impact of Art and Music Therapy in Addiction Recovery

The use of art therapy in addiction treatment is a complementary and alternative method for people in recovery. The use of art in therapy can be simple, such as drawing pictures about what someone has been through in their lives, or more complex, such as creating music about their experiences. It directly connects what someone has experienced in their lives with artistic expression. It works on the principle of expression and truth. 

Art Therapy and Addiction Treatment

Art therapy has been used in substance abuse treatment since the 1950s. It uses art as a way to express emotions and thoughts. In art, there are limited ways to cheat, which is why it is often used in therapy because it reveals the truth. Common activities include drawing, painting, and sculpture, because these mediums are flexible and can represent whatever the artist wants to show.

Music Therapy for Addiction Recovery

Another creative arts therapy that has been used with people in recovery is music therapy. Music therapy is the specialized use of music by a credentialed professional who develops individualized treatment goals to improve the client’s functioning.

Music therapy involves methods based on cognitive stimulation, social interaction, relaxation, and pain control to enhance the client’s psychosocial level of functioning. 

Researchers have conducted several studies on the effectiveness of music therapy. One 2001 study found that for those undergoing treatment, music therapy with components of counseling, such as discussing lyrics and writing song lyrics, was most effective in decreasing anxiety and depression.

Art and Music Therapy and Addiction Recovery

The ARTS IOP rehabilitation program integrates its residents’ artistic, musical, and other creative interests with more traditional counseling modalities. Our drug rehab in Canoga Park offers individual counseling, group counseling, and creative arts sessions, including art therapy and music therapy. Participants in ARTS IOP will engage in art and music activities, including painting, drumming, songwriting, and more, to foster emotional catharsis and skill development.
Our San Fernando Valley treatment center focuses on individualized treatment for clients who are working to achieve sobriety from substances. Individuals can engage in research-supported therapies and treatments, such as group therapy and family therapy in Thousand Oaks. Individuals who have struggled with substance use disorders can focus on goal setting for their personalized recovery. Contact our team today to learn more about our programs and how we use art and music therapy to help individuals on their recovery journey.

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